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Various types of blackboard features
Sep 18, 2018

The green board surface is dark green, written in chalk, not irritating to the human eye, which is conducive to the protection of vision; the whiteboard surface is white, and is often written with various water-based markers.

The color coated steel plate surface is made of high-quality alloy steel plate coated with wear-resistant coating. The thickness of the plate surface is mostly 0.3mm-0.4mm, which is wear-resistant, does not fall off, does not fade, and is durable. The writing feels good, the writing is clear, easy to write, easy to wipe. Less dust.

The new material composite board is made of imported polymer alloy particles and epoxy resin without any treatment on the surface of the one-time press molding. The thickness of the board surface is 3mm, the writing is smooth, the writing is clear and permanent, it does not slip, it is not reflective, and there is no residue after rubbing. The visual effect is excellent, the tested service life is more than 15 years, the flat plate surface is smooth and smooth, and the arc panel surface is curved to prevent reflection, so that students sitting in all corners can also see the writing on the board, which is suitable for comparison. Large classroom. The bracket movable board is equipped with various brackets for the blackboard, which is convenient to move and has wide application. Push-pull plate lifting plate can move in multiple directions along a specific track, which is convenient for writing and is convenient for viewing. In 2015, China is fully promoting the balanced development of education. The school is gradually promoting the use of color steel coated panel teaching, commonly known as rice white board or beige board.

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