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Braun Cage
Sep 18, 2018

Suitable for breeding birds such as Bailing, Crested Bailing, Shabailing and Skylark. The shape is round and the top of the cage has a vault and a dome. The size of the cage is divided into three sizes, large cages, 55-160 cm high and 50-60 cm in diameter. In order to carry it easily, it can also be made into a "cage" that can be raised and lowered by 2~3 knots. It can be lowered when carrying and raised when hanging. Medium cage, 40-50 cm high and 45 cm in diameter. Small cage, 25 cm high and 30 cm in diameter. The strip spacing is 1.2~1.5 cm and the strip is 0.2~0.3 cm thick. The small cage is divided into two large and five small circles, the big five circle is 28 cm high and the diameter is 34 to 36 cm; the small five circle is 25 cm high and the diameter is 30 to 32 cm. The central part of the cage top (commonly known as the patio or the top cover) is made of copper plate, which is beautiful and elegant. The bottom of the cage is closed with plywood and surrounded by a bottom ring. The sand is covered with sand for the birds to bathe and eat, and they can protect their claws. The bottom plate is surrounded by a bottom ring to prevent the sand of the sand bath and the edible sand from being trapped out of the cage. Bailing is a habitat bird, so there is no perch in the cage. Only a mushroom-shaped table is placed in the middle of the cage. It is also called Fenghuangtai, which is used for singing and singing. The height of the table is 15~20 cm, and the diameter of the table is 4~7 cm. The countertop should be rougher. A round hole is formed near the bottom of the cage. The size of the hole is suitable for the bird's head to extend. A water tank is placed under the hole outside the cage to allow the bird's head to freely extend out of the hole to drink water. The drinking water tank is fixedly suspended from the outer wall of the cave, one to prevent water from splashing on the sand, and the other to prevent bird droppings from contaminating the water tank. The cans are hung in the cage.

It is best to use river sand as sand, because the sand is soft and soft, and the coolness is large, so that the bird feels cool and comfortable when bathing in the sand, and can wipe the feathers to make the feathers neat. The sand in the cage should be screened regularly, and the bird droppings and other debris should be cleaned up in time, preferably with water. After the sand has been used for a while, it should be placed under the sun for disinfection.

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