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Canary Cage
Sep 18, 2018

Also known as Furong cage, jade bird cage, suitable for feeding canary, white bird, gray bird, fascinating bird, northern Suzaku, Jinshan pearl bird, Acacia bird, three eyebrows and other small valley birds. It can be made of nickel-plated alloy or bamboo, and is a round, square or rectangular (reproduction cage) bird cage. The top of the cage has a flat top and a dome, and the bottom of the cage is closed with a bottom ring. The circular cage is about 33 cm high and 20 cm in diameter; the square cage is 24.7 cm long, 24.7 cm wide and 33.8 cm high. The cage strips are 1 cm apart and the strips are 0.2 cm thick. The bottom of the cage does not use bamboo strips, it is made of plastic plates, and the bottom plate can be moved, which is easy to pull out and wash. Put 2 perches in the cage, and put a can and a drinking pot. The top of the cage has a plate to change the habit of the bird looking up.

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