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Carduel Cage
Sep 18, 2018

Suitable for the oriole, big tits, golden wings, suzaku, squamosa, and a variety of small pheasants, birds and other small birds. It is usually a bamboo flat top square cage or small round cage. The height is 20~22 cm and the diameter is 30 cm. The cages are spaced 1.2 cm apart and the strips are 0.2 cm thick. If you raise swamp tits, coal tits, yellow-bellied tits, brown-headed finch, etc., the cages are spaced 1 cm apart, also known as the tit cage. The bottom of the cage is a wooden board or plastic with a closed bottom of the bottom ring (commonly known as dead bottom). The bottom ring is 3 cm high and is not covered with sand. Two perching trees are placed 5 to 6 cm from the bottom of the cage, and two refined and small food cans and jugs are placed at each end of the perch.

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