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Fumigation Wooden Tray
Sep 18, 2018

The fumigation wooden pallet is made of logs, dried and shaped to reduce moisture and eliminate internal stress, and then cut, planed, broken, edged, sanded and other finishing processing to form profile plates, with anti-off function The nails (in some cases, the nut structure) bind the profile plates into semi-finished trays, and finally finish, anti-slip treatment and wax sealing treatment.

The fumigated wooden tray is the most widely used tray. A pallet is a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, handling, and transporting goods and articles that are unit loads. It is generally made of wood, metal and fiberboard, which is convenient for loading and unloading, handling unit materials and small quantities of materials.

During the turnover of the cooperative forklift, attention should be paid to the extra load of the pallet. In general, the extra dynamic load of fumigation wooden pallets does not exceed 2 tons. Sometimes, fumigation wooden pallets are used in palletizing. In order to improve work efficiency, the operator will pick up the palletized goods directly from the bottom tray, so that the previous dynamic load doubles. Practice has proved that overload is the direct culprit in reducing the life of the tray. When the fumigation wooden pallet is used in the cooperative shelf, it should pay attention to the extra shelf loading of the pallet and prohibit overloading. Especially in the case of cooperative through-type three-dimensional shelves, the demand for the span of the tray is high. If necessary, depending on the application, add steel pipes at the bottom of the pallet to add the pallet load.

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