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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pine And Maintenance
Dec 12, 2018

The advantages and disadvantages of pine and maintenance

The advantages:

First, from the appearance, the pine wood has a dense texture and smoother, the manufacture of furniture has a natural trace ,not only full of it,also has a true natural beauty.

The other is the essence of pine, the pine growth time is very long, it has a gentle dense annual rings, the material contained within oil is higher , the color of the distribution is very uniform, and the pine material tough , so whether it is to manufacture or handling are very easy, economical and also practical.

The disadvantages:

First, while pine material hard texture, but relatively speaking, it can not collide, in the high temperature environment, easy to dry and deformation.

Second, because of the characteristics of pine, it would be more frequent maintenance, due to the color of the pine is relatively light, so easy to dirty, need to be maintained regularly.


1.Pest control: Keep ventilation,

2.Dust proof: Dust frequently,

3.Crack: maintain a certain humidity,

4.Anti-collision: Keep away from sharp or hard objects,

5.Anti-aging: Surface appropriate waxing.

Special Note:

1.Often with a soft cloth along the wood grain texture, go to pine dust, to dust before, should be moistened with a mild detergent on a soft cloth.

2.When used with a mat pad as much as possible under the hot dishes, so as not to spill food and soup, dip or damage to the desktop.

3.Try to avoid furniture surfaces exposed to corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish and so on.

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