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Walmat's Audit Yellow
Dec 12, 2018


***Please read carefully as some of the following information has been updated*** 

Date of Audit: 11/18/2015 

Date of Assessment: 12/11/2015 

Factory Name / ID in Country: CAOXIAN SHUANGLONG ARTS & CRAFTS PLANT/36141815 in CHINA 

Dear Supplier, 

We would like to thank you for your cooperation during our Responsible Sourcing audit. 

The above stated factory has received a “Yellow” assessment. The factory had violations which were deemed to be medium risk. 

Please work closely with your factory to remedy these violations to prevent future reoccurrence. 

According to the RS program, the following conditions apply to this factory: 

Orders can be placed 

Placement of orders in this factory for Walmart production is at the discretion of Walmart Sourcing / Merchants. 

Orders can be shipped 

Follow-up audit will be conducted within 1 Year from assessment date listed above. 

The completed action plan by the factory management must be presented to the auditor during the follow-up audit. 

Please note that you must submit a Factory Inactivation Request online via Retail Link if you decide not to use this factory in order to avoid a follow-up audit by Walmart and the associated fees. 

For further Responsible Sourcing contact and program information, please go to Retail Link > Site Map > Alphabetical > R > Responsible Sourcing. 

  Please note communication attached below that provides a recent fire safety update that is effective as of March, 3, 2015. The Walmart Fire Safety Training Module referenced in the communication should be shared with your facilities. You can find the Training Module at: 

Retail Link > Docs > Responsible Sourcing > Fire Safety Standards > Walmart Fire Safety Training Module for Suppliers, Factories and Auditors 

Or at the link below: 

Walmart Fire Safety Training Module for Suppliers, Factories and Auditors Thank you for your cooperation and support of Walmart’s Responsible Sourcing program. 

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