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Wooden Pallet Material
Sep 18, 2018

Poplar: It is a broad-leaved tree. It is loose and soft, and has poor durability. It is suitable for making pallets with low load-bearing requirements. The price is lower.

Pines: It is a coniferous species with many types and wide applicability. Larch (Huanghuasong) is one of the commonly used materials for making pallets because of its thick texture, hard wood and moderate price. White pine and red pine have fine texture, white color and beautiful appearance. They are mostly used to make fine packaging and the price is high.

Hardwood: It is a broad-leaved tree with a high hardness. Sawn timber for pallet making is common with eucalyptus, birch, eucalyptus, and willow. The texture is dense, the wood is hard and heavy, and the bearing capacity is good. But there are few large materials and the price is moderate.

Main parameters: length / width / height / length / width error / diagonal error / rated load / maximum stacking layer / deflection / surface slip coefficient

Advantages: high precision, not easy to deform, reinforced with high-strength screws, no nails, good firmness.

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