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Wooden Tray Type
Sep 18, 2018

Flat tray

Flat pallets are almost synonymous with pallets. As long as the pallets are generally referred to as flat pallets, flat pallets have the widest range, the largest number, and the best versatility. Flat trays can be subdivided into three types.

1 Classification according to structure and usage. There are four types of single-sided, double-sided single-use, double-sided dual-purpose and airfoil;

2 According to the forklift insertion method, there are three types: one-way insertion type, two-way insertion type, and four-way insertion type;

3 According to the material classification. There are five types of wooden flat trays, steel flat trays, plastic flat trays, composite flat trays, and paper trays.

According to the China National Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Pallet Professional Committee (funding), the preliminary investigation of more than 300 pallet manufacturers, pallet use and sales companies in September 2002, the total number of pallets owned by China at that time was about 1.2~ 160 million pieces, now far more than this number, the annual output is increasing by about 20 million pieces. Among them, wooden flat trays accounted for about 90%, plastic flat trays accounted for 8%, steel trays, synthetic material trays and paper trays accounted for 2%. Synthetic flat and plastic trays have a large proportion of rise.

Folding column tray

The column tray is divided into two types: fixed type and detachable type. The basic structure is that the four corners of the tray have steel columns, and the upper ends of the columns can be connected by beams to form a frame type. The main function of the column tray is to use the column to support the weight and stack it up; the second is to prevent the goods placed on the pallet from collapsing during transportation and loading and unloading.

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